Base de datos relacional compatible con MySQL y
PostgreSQL creada para la nube

At Mxmart we can offer you an e-learning solution designed to support the most demanding and complex ecosystems, available at any time thanks to its fully resilient and highly available cloud architecture.


Provide your institution with a series of security filters and administrative tools. Learn about the benefits and advantages of advanced data and file encryption, extensive control over who accesses your platform and information, logging for auditing and reporting, two-factor authentication and other enterprise-grade security features and keep your data secure at all times.

Ideal for

Educational Institutions


Government Institutions or agencies

Learning management system


Easy and accessible

Allows courses to be created in minutes

Scaling to any number of users

5 layers of security

Configured by career or specialty depending on needs

High availability

Bulk mailing

With student interface and teacher interface

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We would like to learn more about your company or institution and together define a solution that fits your needs, always looking for innovation.

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