Hybrid Environments

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Hybrid environments can be implemented when some workloads are required to remain on an on-premises server but other applications or services need to go to the cloud, making it easier to access on-premises data centers without missing out on the benefits of the cloud.

Hybrid cloud architectures help organizations integrate their on-premises and cloud operations to support a broad spectrum of use cases using a common set of cloud services, tools and APIs across on-premises and cloud environments.

We manage solutions that provide virtually any data center, co-location space, or local facility with the same infrastructure, services, APIs, management tools, support, and operating model as AWS. You can run Amazon EC2, Amazon EBS, container-based services such as Amazon EKS, database services such as Amazon RDS on AWS Outposts, and analytics services such as Amazon EMR locally.

Diagrama de la Arquitectura

Diagram of a simplified hybrid architecture


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