Optimization Assessment

Evaluation and optimization for server migration and licensing.

It is an evaluation and audit of the technological infrastructure of the clients servers, in which a free program (AWS OLA) is implemented to identify infrastructure and licensing optimization findings justifying a migration to the AWS cloud, this program allows us to evaluate and optimize current local and cloud environments, through an agent that collects data in a given period of time based on the actual use of resources, third-party licenses and application dependencies. A minimum of 20 servers (either physical or virtual) is required to run this assessment.

How it works:

License Optimization and Assessment

Evaluates the consumption, cost and provisioning of Windows workloads on-premises and on AWS

Workloads in scope

Determine how workloads can be optimized in an objective manner.

Data Collection

Collect data used for workloads, using AWS "Migration Evaluator" service or third-party tools


Mxmart will analyze the data in order to model possible cost and optimization scenarios


Review the OLA results to build the business case or initiate a proof of concept migration

Advantages of assessments

  • Discover workloads in your on-premises or cloud environment and create an inventory of your IT resources.
  • Enables you to determine your actual utilization requirements to help you optimally select the lowest cost AWS EC2 instance size and type for each workload.
  • The data can be used to determine the right mix of point and on-demand instances, dedicated hosts, savings plan and other options tailored to your environment.
  • Reduce costs
  • With the results you can explore flexible licensing options
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