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Cloud Solutions for Education

Cloud solutions have burst into various sectors in recent years and the education industry is no exception, the cloud allows educational institutions to create a robust, efficient and flexible infrastructure. It allows them to scale quickly and easily during times of high demand, such as enrollment, back to school, final exams, to name a few examples, in the same way it allows them to scale down during vacations or weekends when demand is lower, thus achieving economic savings.

About Us

At Mxmart we have the knowledge, certified personnel and experience to develop and implement solid architectures in the AWS cloud. We are an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and we accompany our clients in their transition to digital transformation, advising them in the implementation of Amazon Web Services, always looking for innovation, security and resource optimization.

Mxmart has the AWS Education Competency, which endorses our technical competence and experience in providing solutions for the education sector. Mxmart has designed architectures, migrations and generated solutions for different educational institutions..

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Advantages of our solutions for education

Mxmart Solutions Robust infrastructure in the cloud
Robust infrastructure in the cloud
Mxmart Solutions Hybrid environments environments
Hybrid environments environments
Mxmart Solutions Increase student enrollment
Increase student enrollment
Mxmart Solutions Global coverage
Global coverage
Mxmart Solutions Supports multi-site e-learning
Supports multi-site e-learning
Mxmart Solutions Continuity of educational plans in extraordinary situations
Continuity of educational plans in extraordinary situations
Mxmart Solutions 100% online educational online
100% online educational online
Mxmart Solutions Project innovation with cloud services
Project innovation with cloud services
Mxmart Solutions Portable tool for student learning
Portable tool for student learning

Success stories

High availability architecture for LMS

The constant growth of students, teachers and courses has generated a high demand for the online courses that CRESON offers...

School Control System in the cloud

UNICLA was looking to migrate its entire technological solutions environment to the cloud in order to optimize costs and modernize the system...

Moodle on Amazon Web Services and Amazon Aurora

UNIVA has implemented online education through the learning management platform, Moodle, as well as...

Online Campus based on AWS

IEU needed to give continuity to the curriculum to its students and teachers in a virtual way, as well as to deliver a platform...

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We would like to learn more about your company or institution and together define a solution that fits your needs, always looking for innovation.

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