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Security and Compliance in the Cloud with AWS


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About Escoolar

With more than 490,000 students, more than 7,200 live classes and present in 4,862 educational institutions in 11 countries, Escoolar is the digital and interactive educational content platform with the most content in Latin America.

The platform offers live classes with highly trained teachers for elementary and high school, extracurricular courses in electronics, guitar, robotics or programming, language room, a digital library among other things, all in a new pedagogical model based on design thinking.

The challenge

Escoolar faced a critical challenge: the need to ensure security and compliance in its cloud infrastructure. With the company`s increasing reliance on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud services to support its vast network of users and partners, the company realized that it was essential to implement effective solutions to protect its data, applications and systems.

Escoolar`s rapid growth and geographic expansion required a robust security and compliance strategy that could adapt to the changing demands of the education market and ensure the protection of its users sensitive information.

Why Amazon Web Services?

The choice of Amazon Web Services (AWS) as Escoolar`s cloud service provider was based on multiple factors:

Scalability and Flexibility: AWS offered the flexibility to scale resources efficiently and adapt to changing platform demands. This capability was essential to meet the needs of an evergrowing user base.

Availability and Reliability: AWS was known for its high availability and reliability, which ensured that Escoolar`s platform was available to users and partners at all times, even during peak usage.

State-of-the-Art Security Services: AWS offered a wide range of security services and tools designed specifically to address security challenges in the cloud, making AWS the logical choice for protecting Escoolar`s critical assets.

The Solution

To address the security and compliance challenges, Escoolar implemented a comprehensive solution based on AWS security services.

Amazon CloudTrail became the backbone of the solution, enabling detailed auditing and logging of all activities on the AWS infrastructure. This gave Escoolar the ability to track critical changes and events, which was critical to quickly identify and respond to potential threats or system anomalies.

Amazon ControlTower simplified the implementation and enforcement of security policies across the organization. This tool centralized policy management, ensuring that all AWS accounts consistently complied with established security standards. Security policy automation contributed to more efficient and consistent administration.

Amazon Inspector conducted automated security assessments on Escoolar applications and systems. It identified vulnerabilities and provided recommendations for remediation, enabling proactive protection and elimination of potential security risks.

Amazon GuardDuty provided an additional layer of security by continuously monitoring activity for cyber threats. When malicious behavior was detected, GuardDuty alerted Escoolar in real time, enabling an immediate response to mitigate risks.

AWS Service Catalog simplified the administration and provisioning of resources in a controlled and secure manner, which helped Escoolar efficiently manage its ever-expanding infrastructure.

Finally, AWS Config provided a detailed resource inventory and configuration log, allowing Escoolar to maintain precise control over its infrastructure and ensure ongoing compliance.

Architecture Diagram

The Benefits

The implementation of this comprehensive AWS security solution provided Escoolar with a number of significant benefits. First, the platform became more secure, resilient to cyber threats, and able to protect the confidentiality and integrity of student and collaborator data.

The ability to constantly audit and monitor the AWS infrastructure allowed Escoolar to identify and mitigate potential risks before they became significant problems. This reduced risk exposure and contributed to a more secure and reliable operation.

Ultimately, process automation and centralized policy management significantly improved Escoolar`s operational efficiency. This freed up internal resources to focus on its core educational mission and continue to deliver high-quality digital educational content to a growing user base throughout Latin America and beyond.

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