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About Mxmart

Mxmart is a Mexican company that was born in 2014 with the objective of bringing technology to the reach of the population in Mexico, developing a computer and technology e-commerce that currently offers more than 15,000 products, distributed in 10 categories from more than 300 technology manufacturers, all this with nationwide deliveries and with the support of computer wholesalers.

The challenge

E-commerce in recent years has been evolving and accelerating sales through the Internet from any device and at any time, all this had an accelerated increase during the year 2020, which is why it was necessary to invest in a secure, scalable and highly available technological infrastructure to offer the best customer experience.

The migration had several challenges, among them the change of platform, the migration of information and databases, the development of new APIs, Web Services, the integration of new functionalities and technologies.

Another challenge was the storage and distribution of content due to the amount of graphics handled, all this without leaving aside the optimization of resources and costs.

Why Amazon Web Services?

Mxmart came to the conclusion that the solution it needed should be based on a cloud environment, by analyzing different providers it found that Amazon Web Services offers the necessary tools and services for the solution it was looking for.

Security as part of cloud services is fundamental, AWS offers specialized services for this purpose, as well as services that allow us to maintain our operation in an automated manner and without the need to provision unnecessary resources.

The scalability and elasticity of the services allow us the flexibility to manage workloads during any season or massive event without worrying about the technological infrastructure.

The solution

The architecture is designed to be deployed in an automated way in six different availability zones (AZ), thanks to internal and external load balancers, thus achieving high availability of services, the compute instances are located within private subnets through Amazon VPC for security reasons.

Within an instance EC2 Varnish Cache has been installed, which is a web application accelerator, configured to cache a copy of the requested resources. In this same instance is the Elasticsearch search engine and analytics that provide greater speed and efficiency in information searches.

To improve request response times and platform performance, the ElastiCache service was implemented with Redis as the in-memory cache store, thus improving the user experience.

Regarding content storage, there are Amazon S3 buckets for static content and multimedia content, which in turn have global exposure thanks to Edges Locations and distribution through Amazon CloudFront all with security levels of services such as AWS WAF, AWS Shield y Certificate Manager for security certificates.

The development of the internal processes of the system was generated with programming codes and executed through AWS Lambda, which allows greater efficiency of the processes within the architecture, in the same way Amazon RDS allows us to manage the different databases in an efficient and scalable way.

Diagrama de la Arquitectura

The benefits

By having the online store on an AWS cloud infrastructure, Mxmart can get the most out of its new e-commerce platform, as well as add a host of new products and services, and expand its market into other areas without being limited by the technology infrastructure, making way for new business model innovation and expansion into a market that will continue to grow.

The benefits have not only been technological, but also operational and economic, achieving greater productivity and cost reduction, paying only for the time used for the services.

About Mxmart Solutions

At MXMART we specialize in offering cutting-edge technology solutions through our services.

We are committed to our customers, and that is why we focus on developing a professional and experienced team for the analysis, design, architecture, generation, implementation and migration of services in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.

We implement and migrate E-Learning platforms for institutions, allowing to optimize resources and costs in the cloud.

Our mission at Mxmart is to offer consulting and effective and innovative solutions that adapt to the needs of companies, educational institutions, as well as other entities, promoting their growth and development through a highly trained and experienced professional team.

We would like to learn more about your company or institution and together define a solution that fits your needs, always looking for innovation.

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We would like to learn more about your company or institution and together define a solution that fits your needs, always looking for innovation.

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