E-commerce applications

E-commerce applications

In Mxmart we are specialists in the development of e-commerce tailored to your needs, we provide technical consulting services and development plans for your projects. We generate architectures in the cloud to obtain the greatest potential of the e-commerce platforms that exist in the market, and thus provide secure, flexible, customized and highly scalable systems.

E-commerce in the cloud

The traffic of an e-commerce can change considerably from one moment to another, however, by hosting your store in the cloud the capacity can increase or decrease depending on the needs or workloads and with this only pay for the resources used, without initial costs or long-term contracts, allowing you to invest in differentiators of your business. Receive customer visits from anywhere in the world without inconvenient delays in response times and with the security that cloud services offer.


E-commerce design and development

We design and develop e-commerce projects that adapt to your requirements, either for the commercialization of physical and/or virtual products, being able to manage your inventories, shipments, prices, payment methods and the administration of your online store.

Installation and configuration of modules

Currently, e-commerce platforms allow the installation of new modules or plugins as support tools for sales management or new functionalities to support system administration.

Cloud implementation

There are a large number of services in the AWS cloud, it is important to manage the right services for each type of use, this way we can obtain greater technical and commercial benefits.

E-commerce migration

We handle the right procedures and tools for a successful migration of your e-commerce, from physical servers, hosting or vpc to the cloud or hybrid environments.

Platform updates

We have robust architectures that allow the generation of test or development environments for system upgrades, allowing the necessary configurations and validation of the platform before moving it to production.

Integration with suppliers

Our development team has the experience to generate connections via API or Web Service to your suppliers, in such a way that we can interconnect the information of the products or services that you commercialize through or from third party companies.

Import of products

We handle tools and methods that allow us to import or update new products into our databases.

Advanced product properties

We design and configure the functionality you want to give to your products or services, either with very specific features or particular business rules.


Custom design
Advanced eCommerce customization
Modules installation and configuration
Integration with systems
Import of products
Advanced product properties
Payment methods


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