Virtual Desktops

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Amazon WorkSpaces

Amazon WorkSpaces is a cloud desktop suite that allows you to access all the applications and documents you need from anywhere, anytime, and from any compatible device.

Provide Windows or Linux desktops in minutes, select from a variety of hardware and software configurations, and deliver thousands of desktops to employees around the world. A fully managed, secure, and more cost-effective solution than traditional hardware.

Remote Desktop Service

Amazon WorkDocs

With Amazon WorkDocs, easily create, edit, share and review files with your entire team from any location or device. Collaborate with others, share content, provide rich feedback and collaboratively edit documents.

You only pay for the active user accounts and storage you use. Make it easy to collaborate with other users, customers, as well as your team.

Advantages of virtual desktops

  • Security
  • Work anywhere
  • Robust architecture
  • Windows and Linux environments
  • Active Directory
  • Use of internal systems
  • Hourly or monthly cost

Framework used

Case studies

Virtual desktops on Amazon Web Services

Due to its expansion in Mexico City, the Investment Advisor needed to create a secure IT infrastructure...

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